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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Tomorrow I leave for Laayoune, Morocco

Tomorrow I leave for Laayoune, Morocco. I am supposed to then change to a plane for Casablance forty minutes later, but Air Maroc here says it is impossible, so it looks like I will have to overnight - or longer - in Western Sahara. All the next flights are full. I debated flying directly to Morocco, but decided I am so close to it here, and will never be so close again, so Im gambling and going, and hoping either they are wrong, or there will be space on the next flight.

Time is running out - a light started flashing. This is a much better internet than the one I wrote on yesterday, but I hate this timed feature. I wish they could just put in a timer and charge for the time you use. Here I have to pay for time in advance, and then use it up.


love, Carolyn

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