Carolyn Broadwell - Travel Tidbits - Dec 2003 - Jun 2004

Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Hi guys,

I am leaving tomorrow morning for Fortaleza, for a 24 hour bus ride on a luxury bus. (out of contact then) My two friends are going that way, and it works well to travel with them, and they seem very amenable to it, too. The Spaniard, Miguel, is 32, teaching geography in a British school in Buenos Aires, and fluent in Spanish, of course, and also very, very fluent in English, also of course, given his teaching. He also has lived in London. Also speaks French, as easily as Spanish, he says. The Argentine doesn't speak any English, and is very quiet, but is now loosening up as I try to carry on most conversations in Spanish. He, Antonio, is 56, and a businessman, but doesn't look it. He has really beautiful smooth skin which is a nice tan, white hair, and blue eyes - actually looks about 40, and is very attractive. He sure doesn't look latino, at all.

Miguel is trying to cut a CD with his photos from his digital camera right now, and let me know he will soon be ready to get back to the hotel, so I'll close.

It's interesting using the net here; most of the patrons are playing games, and very noisy. And most of the machines have several sex icons on the desktop, so I would guess that that is one of the main uses of the net for lots of the Brazilians. It's cheaper to play games than to go on the net...


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