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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

French Guyana

So, I am here, sleeping on the sofa of a friend I met on the plane, then traveled overland from Paramaribo to Cayenne with, and trying to grasp the completely French atmosphere!

That includes a French keyboard in this expensive cybercafe,which means the letters are all in different places, and I have to keep looking to make sure I am not writing gibberish...I just took my eyes off the keyboard, and had to delete several lines. That gives you an idea of how adaptable one must be when one travels...

It's not hot, but very, very high humidity, so I am always dripping with sweat. It rains just about every afternoon, I'm told. Almost everywhere is air conditioned. (Not the living room I am sleeping in, though. I get a fan, which is perfect. Friend's bedroom is, though.) I'll make it to Devil's Island on Thursday, then the space center on Friday, and into the bush (forest) on Saturday. All very interesting, very European, and great contrast to expected travel after I leave here.

Also, French cars everywhere, with a few Japanese cars, too. French bread isn't as crisp as in France, even with the air conditioned grocery store. Good cheese available...also lots of wine. Even one from California, which I got just for fun, as friend likes wine.

Time is nearly up, so off the net now.

Best, Carolyn

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