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Monday, February 02, 2004

Salvador, Bahia

I wrote Salvador, Bahia, and hit something, and it went. This keyboard is weird, so I should not try to correct stuff - it has a funny spacebar.

I left Noronha yesterday morning, and decided to see where to go when I got to Natal. I tried at the airport, no space on a Sunday to any of the places I had read about and might want to go, so I went to the bus stop, and chose Salvador; it was the soonest to leave - and that meant waiting in the rodoviaria (not sure if I got every syllable there...)for about 5 hours. Then it was a 20 hour trip to here. Now I am catching up with email...mostly I have to delete all the spam. It seems that once you are using Yahoo on the road, all the travel outfits figure out how to get to you!!! Wow! Out of 31, only about 5-6 were for me personally, in two days, and most of the rest were to do with travel.

This city is beautiful - and it is a UNESCO cultural site.

More later.

Love, Carolyn

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