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Saturday, December 06, 2003


Costa Rica was an expensive stopover: taxi from airport was $13.00, hostel was cheap and VERY nice at $10.00 including breakfast, taxi back to airport was $15.00. THEN IT REALLY STARTED ADDING UP! It was $6.00 for the air conditioning at the airport, $15.00 for some other airport tax, $26.00 for departure tax, and $8.00 for the entry card to San Andres! I should have flown directly to Panama and then RT to San Andres; it would have been a lot cheaper, as there are special RT fares to there from here, and the Panamanian tourist card is only $5.00. I don't know what the airport departure tax from here is yet - a woman at the hostel thinks it is $20.00.

Here the owner of the hostel picked me up at the airport for $12.00. Thank heavens my Spanish was already sort of working, because shetalked the whole way in, and it was a long, long way. She's really cute. Her son backpacked all over Europe, and she decided to open a hostel here. Both of them run it/them (explanation coming). It leaves a little to be desired, but is generally fine. Mostly it needs paint and more organization. I reserved it over the net, and requested a single for $15.00. Net said it was air-conditioned. That's actually just a fan. But she took me to her second "hostel" which is a block away, and it is really nice. Her son made a deal with the Peace Corps to stay there for training, and that's why I didn't get a room there, with aire...I think. Her Spanish is a little fast, and I am not sure I'm getting all of it. Fun though.

I spent today in the internet cafe, and then the supermarket, which is really complete. She said it is like "little Miami" and I think she is more or less right, although the products are only partly American. The currency here is US dollars, but coins are local (same values, though), and all of it is called Balboas.

I can't do anything about the San Blas islands until Monday, as all travel agencies are closed, and there is no other way. So, I just have to hope I can go on Tuesday, and return on Wednesday, as I leave for T'dad on Thursday. And my whole purpose in coming here was to go to San Blas. If nothing else, I can go just for the day.

Will let you know...

I'm sure you are using lots of my decorations for Xmas. Take pictures. And I can also rest assured that Sue will make sure they get put away a little sooner than they did a couple of years ago. Well, I think I remember putting them away rather late in the year...and it might have even been last year, in March! You did have the tree down. :-)

I still haven't seen the orderly house completed, but I saw it partly done. So, when it is really neat and arranged, take pictures of that too. So I can believe it. :-)

It's a trick finding the right keys on this. I have to keep going back and finding mistakes and correcting, but this is the only message I am doing right now, so that's why you are getting a long one. Gotta use up the time I'm paying for @ 50 cents per hour!

Good to get a message - Thanks, honey.

Love, Carolyn

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