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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

More French Guyana

I sent off some notes yesterday from here, and got sseveral replies - but I don't yet have an organized list to send to, so this is just to some of the recipients.

French Guyana is becoming more and more interesting; I actually know my way around Cayenne now. (more or less) I,ve done lots of walking, been driven around, and today I rented a car, so tomorrow I will go farther afield.

Today, at the hotel where Roelof works (Dutch/French friend whose sofa I am sleeping on) he introduced me to an American who is flying around the world in a single engine Cesna. Really interesting to find out how he had to plan his trip - in comparison to mine, especially. Like where he could get aviation fuel, permits to land, etc. Tonight all three of us went to dinner, and had a marvelous provision (Trini term) gratin. We all had different entrees, but the gratin was the winner.

Also, of interest to you, Sarah, my hair is shorter than it has ever been! Roelof took me to the coiffure shop, and then left to do some errands. He returned just as the woman was finishing - I thought. But he said something to her in French, and the next thing I knew, almost all my hair was coming off, with him declaring "You,ll love it!" I think I will, but I am still getting used to it...and as he noted, I won't have to spend money on another haircut for a LONG time! And will save on shampoo, too! Everyone in the shop thought it was great, and he told them how old I was, and they thought that was even greater that I would have the courage (which I didn't actually have) to do it!

Cost of this cybercafe is less; again, Roelof knew of it; so we are all three doing our email quickly

Time is running out - gotta close


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