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The world map above is from thehungersite.com. (On the home page for The Hunger Site, you can test yourself by naming countries; each time a country darkens it represents a death from hunger. How many can you identify?)

The Traveler's Century Club - Once you've been to 100 countries, you qualify for membership in this very unique club. As of 3/29/03 my count is 203. I hope at some point to figure out how to do a map like the one above that will show where I've been. Meanwhile, here's my list, with dates.
(My son has promised to help me figure out something eyecatching and tricky to show the list, but I'm not sure when he'll get time to do that...)

Now for some random ramblings:
Most of these links are my efforts, but I am also adding links that are really fun to explore, with more and better pictures than I can possibly put up. So far, the best example of one of these external links is a group of cities you'll find by clicking on Cities of Europe, below; you can explore metros, street scenes, maps, etc. in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Barcelona, and Lisbon from the home page - try it!
(I will keep adding to this page, but it takes time to scan in the old pictures.)

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