Friends around the world. . . .

I think maybe the experience that is the most treasured about travel is the people you meet! Sometimes you meet on the bus or train or boat, and then travel on together for a while, or you meet somewhere you are staying, and the time you spend together is memorable, but you never meet again, or you don't find time to write when you get home, or. . .just something happens and you lose touch.

But there are friends who stay with you; some just in your memory; some just in photos, and you are not even sure of their names after a few years; but there are some who remain friends over the years, and you meet again and again. Sometimes you meet in their homes, sometime in yours, sometimes in between, and sometimes on the road again.

My early travel memories are sprinkled with friends met along the way, but I had a hard time keeping up with "keeping in touch," and lots of those friends are lost now. I do have some photos, and I shall find some and put them here, for the memories.

Some of the friends I have still, after years and years. I gradually learned how to keep up with "keeping in touch," and today it is even easier, with e-mail. It still seems a wonder to me that I can sit in my house and communicate almost immediately with a friend who may be in Africa, Europe, Asia! Of course I still want those photos, and here are a few of them.

(Temporary note: I plan to write a little about how I have met each of the friends in these photos, or what the photos are about, but that may take a while. Meanwhile, each small photo has a note; some will lead to other pages, and some will just take you to larger photos.)

Assitan and Mamadou Diallo
Who are from Mali (West Africa) - The picture to the left is of Assa and Mamadou on the coast of Northern California.
(For a larger view of it, click on the small image. For more pictures, and friendship history, click on their names, above.)

Nasrin and Shahpour Mahboudi were our landlords in Teheran in 1962. Nasrin has remained one of the dearest friends I have ever had. She and her sisters, and their families moved to California in about 1976, and I feel that they are all my family, too. We don't see each other often for the usual reason in today's world - "too busy" - but that will never matter in my heart. This photo has been on my refrigerator door (an American custom) for years. I think it's a wonderful photo!

(Click on this picture for a larger view.)

Wlfredo and his parents, left, and Wilfrdo and Helmo, right.

Havana, Cuba

(Click on either picture for a larger view.)

This picture is here because I met Inesita and Jose Antonio through Wilfredo (above). (She is his cousin.) They live in Los Angeles, which might be considered by some to be an exotic destination to travel to... Here they are in front of the Getty Museum, in March, 2001. (The baby is due around the end of June or first of July.)

Trinidad and Tobabgo, West Indies
How about this for beautiful kids! I haven't seen most of them recently (and probably haven't seen a couple at all), but they are gathered around their grandmother, Wilma, a very special friend, when she was recuperating from a serious accident. These pictures were sent to me over the internet by Phyllis, her daughter, in December 2000. (For a larger view of this picture, and also a picture of Wilma with her husband, Ralph, click on the photo.)


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