Drs. Wilma and Ralph Hoyte are very dear friends I have in my life from the four years we spent in Trinidad, in the West Indies. (These pictures were sent to me by Phyllis, their daughter.) Wilma had an automobile accident in mid-September, 2000, at the Hilton Hotel, and was bedridden, which is certainly not the way I remember her. She's always been an extrememly active woman - and a great cook! Their beautiful home near Fort George was always a center of social acitivity, as I remember it.

Below are the grandchildren, identified by Phyllis for me, as: from left to right in the back row, David, 13, Andrew, 14 and Melissa, 16 (in glasses) Hoyte, Allan's three kids. In front of Andrew and Melissa is Helene, 12, Phyllis's daughter. In front of Helene are (left to right) Tiy, 5, and Maya, 9 Cross-Lovelace, Robyn's two girls.

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