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Monday, December 29, 2003

Trinidad - After Christmas

Hi Peanut,

Got your long description of days following Xmas today, and much appreciated it! So did Phyllis. I already knew Darius got shoes, but not about the old shoe box "gift certificate."

Have you read Lord of the Rings? Pedro and Darius have. As I said, I am reading it - more or less forced to by P and H - but am actually enjoying it, more or less.

As I said, we saw The Return of the King on Friday, along with half of POS, I guess. Saturday was quiet, as Phyllis was feeling fluey. It's going around here. Glad I had a flu shot, as I think that helped me throw the cold I had faster, and I seem to be withstanding the other respiratory ailments that are going around fairly well. The heat still gets me though. I am most comfortable with a fan on me. I've been having a rash like you got last year. Seems to be better if I wash my bra every day. That's not going to be so easy when I leave here. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I may get some antibacterial powder or something.

I spent Sunday morning at Maracas, then the afternoon at Angela's. (not in Cascade - she has an appartment at Ridgewood, and is more or less permanently there now, with the Cascade house now a full office. It is moving, however, and then she will rent out the house.) Sheila and Annali came over for the evening, and I stayed overnight. Next day (yesterday) I visited Annali and Sheila briefly, to see the work they have done since last year (very productive) and will go to Cascade house today and prepare kiln for loading and firing tomorrow. Peter - the gardener - will be there today to help move kiln and gas bottles, which is why it is on schedule now. However, rain is anticipated, so we had to locate a tarp this morning - problem solved by Ralph, who has one, and Phyllis has now gone to get it.

So, I'm going to call Anu now, and she'll fetch me for the kiln loading.

Enjoy the next few days off. I'm still waiting for a picture of Sue, which would be good to get before I leave here. That leaves you until Saturday, as I leave Sunday morning. We are going to a barbeque Sat. eve.

Love, Carolyn

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