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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Contact and Itinarary on MS Endevor

This is a quote from the letter they sent me: Your personal mailbox aboard ship is not activated until the commencement of your voyage. Your address aboard the M.S. Endeavour will be as follows:

My assumption is that it will be a very, very expensive way to send and get mail, so I am not expecting to use it, or have it used, for anything other than an emergency. I'll try to find email on at least one or two of the stops.

Well, I got a message from the travel agent that instead of flying from Santiago to Stanley, in the Falkland Islands, where we were to board the ship, we are flying to Punta Arenas in Chile, and will board there. It seems that Argentina won't allow Lan Chile to fly a chartered plane over their territory. Lan Chile flies once a week this route - I guess that's all that Argentina will allow. (Remember the British-Argentina war - I think in 1982?)

With this change, I've enquired whether all the stops will still be made, and haven't had an answer yet, although the same message did confirm that we would spend the same amount of time in the Falklands and South Georgia Island. To me, that sounds like something else may get cut out. But I still don't know, so am sending the itinerary they sent us originally.

(I'll be pretty miffed if they cut out one of these really hard to get to places!)

Tue, Mar. 2 - Check into Hyatt hotel in Santiago (Wow! I get one night of real hotel luxury! And dinner, too!)

Wed, Mar. 3 - Now we fly to Punta Arenas and board ship there, so this is where the schedule will change...somehow...

Thu, Mar. 4 - Falklands
Fri, Mar. 5 - Falklands

Sat, Mar. 6 - At sea
Sun, Mar. 7 - At sea

Mon, Mar. 8 - Arrive So. Georgia
Tue, Mar. 9 - Exploring So Georgia
Wed, Mar. 10 - So Georgia - Zodiac landings

Thu, Mar. 11 - At sea
Fri, Mar. 12 - At sea
Sat, Mar. 13 - At sea
Sun, Mar. 14 - At sea
Mon, Mar. 15 - At sea

Tue, Mar. 16 - Arrive Tristan da Cunha
Wed, Mar. 17 - Nightingale Island (Tristan da Cunha)

Thu, Mar. 18 - At sea
Fri, Mar. 19 - At sea
Sat, Mar. 20 - At sea - Cross Tropic of Capricorn
Sun, Mar. 21 - At sea

Mon, Mar. 22 - Arrive St. Helena

Tue, Mar. 23 - At sea
Wed, Mar. 24 - At sea

Thu, Mar. 25 - Arrive Ascension Island

Fri, Mar. 26 - At sea
Sat, Mar. 27 - At sea
Sun, Mar. 28 - At sea
Mon, Mar. 29 - At sea
Tue, Mar. 30 - At sea

Wed. Mar. 31 - Call at Praia, Santiago Island, Cape Verde Island
Thu. Apr. 1 - Arrive Fogo, Cape Verde Island

Fri, Apr. 2 - At sea
Sat, Apr. 3 - At sea
Sun, Apr. 4 - At sea

Mon, Apr. 5 - Arrive Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain

I'll stay nights of April 5 and 6 in Las Palmas, and fly from Las Palmas to Casablanca, via Western Sahara on April 7. That gives me a day to send home all the winter stuff I sent ahead to Stanley for the cold part of this trip, in the Falklands and So. Georgia.

So, I'll be in touch for sure when I am in either Las Palmas or Casablanca...


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