Carolyn Broadwell - Travel Tidbits - Dec 2003 - Jun 2004

Thursday, January 15, 2004


I may be out of touch for the next four days, as I will be on the river boat, and not sure of shore landings. We may be in Santarem for 18 hours, according to the guide book. I have butterflies in my stomach about this; the man who made the arrangements came to hotel this morning and reconfirmed all, so that was reassuring. But it still seems like sort of a fly-by-night arrangement. The receipt was written BEFORE I paid, and no room number or anything on it, although I was assured of a room for me alone, but had to pay double, less a bit because of bargaining. Also told I have a key, and will be safe. But the guidebook is loaded with warnings about, I'll let you know when I can, how it all turns out.

Darius let me know that the photo and fingerprinting is because Bush now has ALL ALIENS entering the USA photographed and fingerprinted, and the Brazilians are just retaliating! Very interesting! And I should think it is counterproductive. The world is growing to hate the US...more and more each day. So we are no safer...

Love to get your emails, but tell me more about your job, Sue, Eric, Kali, Jenny, Peter the cat, Deux Cheveaux repairs, (I photographed a (red one in Cayenne) and whatever else you can think of to chat about whenever you find time.


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