Carolyn Broadwell - Travel Tidbits - Dec 2003 - Jun 2004

Monday, April 05, 2004

Canary Islands

[Sarah's Note: Carolyn is off the ship now, all correspondence should go to her regular address]

The ship arrived here early this morning, and we had a tour of the area, then lunch, then they left me on the street to hail a taxi, with all of my luggage, (a local had made a reservation for me in a hotel that is more than I'd like to be paying, but...?) and after settling in, I set out to see where I am, and just incidentally, to find an internet connection. Well, they aren't as common here as they are in So America! I walked for two hours to find this, and it is coin operated, and in a slot machine parlor! Not the best I've ever used, by a long shot.

I wish it were better, and I'll try to find another one tomorrow (it's getting late here) so I can catch up with all my correspondence. But first priority is sending off the winter clothes, and all the other stuff I don't want to carry. I think I've located FedEx.

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