Friends...and Special Relationships...
with potters around the country and around the world. As images or other memorabilia are collected they will be added to this page. (Unfortunately, not all our friends have been recorded.) All of these entries have added something special to the years of learning and experience at the college. Some have been guests at the college, some have been students, and some have been met elsewhere, but their work has had an influence on the instructor and/or students, and thus in or out of the classroom in some way.

(There is lots more to come in this section. Many of the pages below are still under construction, although there is something to see or link to with all of them.)

Ah Leon Jeroen Bechtold
Richard Notkin Sandra Johnstone
Priscilla Mouritzen Jason Walker
Matt Long Karen Winograde
Mary Kay Botkins Barbara Brown
Torbjørn Kvasbø Dominique Morin
Nina Hole Marc Lancet
Scrapbook • All kinds of stuff may show up here •
Memories - mostly classroom - from the years 1980 - 2001 •

This page and the memories may be maintained with the new instructor, so check back often.

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