I retired in 2001, so the notes below have been somewhat updated. I've linked to some of the NVC pages here because their content is still very much a part of my life. You can go directly to them below. The ceramics link for the college still works, for those who want it for "historical" reasons.

  • From here you can go to pages of
    my work,
    friends, or
    instructors, all of which are on the NVC pages for now.
  • Other ceramic miscellany could end up here...
  • ...such as these pictures of firefrick. (Curious? Click on image.)
  • Eventually I'll try to document all the pots in my collection. I assembled lots of them over the years for use in teaching. (Many went in the 2001 earthquake.)
    Click on either image for pictures of collection in my house.
    (The word earthquake above will take you to see pictures.)

    I also have them in my house to use or to enjoy, because they all mean something to me!

For almost all of the NVC related pages, go to:

Ceramics at Napa Valley College,
where I taught from 1980 to 2002.

This page was last updated 10/4/03.