Present and Past Students

Here are NEW pictures taken in the college studio, Spring Semester 2002.

Check out Scott Parady, when he was a student at NVC. He is now teaching at the college, and achieving national recognition through his work and his wood firing.

Or, Matt Long, who was at NVC at the same time that Scott was. At NCECA 2000 in Denver, he was honored as one of the emerging artists. He is currently teaching at the University of Florida in Gainsville.

They both went to the Kansas City Art Institute in the early 1990s.

Mary Kay Botkins went to the Kansas City Art Institute in about 1986, and then to The University of Illinois at Carbondale. For several years she worked for Highwater Clay in Ashville, North Carolina. She is now living in the Chicago area. She's promised to send images of her work, but they haven't arrived yet.

Karen Winograde and Lois Tselentis have both been students at NVC in past years.

Stephanie Olson graduated from Sacramento State University in 2000.

Owen Nelsen has transfered to New York State College of Ceramics, at Alfred New York, to complete his BFA. If you want to contact him, click here.

Students Work - 2000


This was a rather special assignment. For a bit of history go to this page.

For more handbuilding and wheel throwing, click on images.

Wheel Throwing

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