Miscellaneous Stuff:


  • Without a doubt the best sign page I have found so far is SIGN LANGUAGE. Part of what makes it so good are the comments that are made on each sign. (I've linked to it in several places.)
  • I really get a kick out of some signs in other countries. Apparently I am not the only one, as I've found websites full of them. Very early on in my web searches I came across Bartolomeo Mecanico's site with "Men Working" signs, and not having realized there was such a variety, I checked out the site and his links. His site is pretty funky and fun. And some of his links are great.
  • One of his links led me to the Sleeping Policemen sign on my home page, which has a short anecdote to go with it.
  • These are signs I took in Holland. (If you want larger views, and some comments on them, click on any one of the images.)


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