Road signs! Traveler's delight or dilemna?

I really laughed when I came across this sign on Ken Dumas' site; it reminded me of a sign I saw in Kingston, Jamaica, many years ago. Now, what would you expect to see when you encounter this sign? I was amused when I came to a road bump, and realized THAT was the "sleeping policeman." Some days later, though, I came to an obviously homemade sign that said "Sleeping policewoman;" It was a deep ditch across the road!

A pretty funky road sign site tickled my funny bone; I found Ken Dumas' site through it, and it was one of the first sites I bookmarked. I've revisited it from time to time. It keeps growing - it is still funky - but a lot of fun, and will lead you to - who knows where? I assume this is the author, so click on his face and go!