I don't think of myself as a car person, but I guess there is a car person inside me I haven't recognized. (This obviously makes me a product of our internal combustion engine society, I guess.) I learned to drive in a 1934 Ford. My choices as an adult, however, for various reasons, have been VWs, Subarus and Saabs. But really, what I always secretly wanted was a Citroen 2CV! I was introduced to this delightful funky little car in Europe in 1959, and it was love at first sight. In 1983, I rented a wonderful bright red "Two Horse Hire" in England. That did it - not only for me, but for my daughter. She, however, could not drive the car (too young), and I think that played a very great role in her eventual search and bid for a 1956 2CV on eBay! Hers was the winning bid, so "we" now have a 2CV in the family.

(As of 2002, "we" have two 2CVs in the family; Sarah bought a modified "pick-up" truck - again on ebay. It's a beauty, but I'm still nagging her to get to the repair/rebuilding of the 1956 wreck...see next paragraph.)

Unfortunately in October, 2000, a van drove into the front left of her car; she and Darius were injured, but not too seriously. There was no question that the other driver was at fault, as he made a left turn without looking for other cars, and she was driving straight ahead, slowly, through a green light. He did a pretty good job of wrecking her car, however.

(Update on 2CV condition, March 25, 2001: the motor is cracked, so the car is pretty much considered a loss, but Sarah is waiting to hear more from the insurance company. She does, however, plan to rebuild the car, using the unique parts that can be saved from her car. It's sad to see it now, of course. It's in her garage. Update - 3/29/03 - still in garage.)

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There are lots of websites where Citroens are featured, and both Sarah and I spent hours browsing them from time to time, especially between her bid on eBay, and its acceptance. A few good places to start, if you are interested, are:
Duintje's Duck Page,
Citroen World, or
Surrey Madhatters: The 2CV's 50th,
in Paris, where there are some great images,
including two cars with boots,
like the one on Sarah's car, in the
Concourse of originals.

Sarah promised me she would take me to the airport in her "new" car, and left, these are pictures taken on that occasion. (I was flying to Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands.) It was great fun to fly up Hwy. 101 at a cool 65 or 70 mph in "The Duck." I like the rear view best, as I think that "boot" is really neat! And it didn't get crunched in the accident (above).

My collection of 2CV photos.

This link will take you to The History of the 2CV, from the Musee de la Pub in Paris.

Other Significant Cars in my Life

And here are some Car Photographs to amuse....

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