Let me introduce you to my family!

I'm very proud of my offspring. Above, left to right, it's Sarah, Darius and Peter, taken a few years ago when they came to bid me adieu prior to one of my trips, I think. You can check them out on the web; they are as different in website expressions as they are in personality: Peter's web site mostly gives an idea of his work; Sarah's is more personal, almost like a diary; and Darius' - well -unfortunately he no longer has one. The pictures below will have to do.

Here are a few family pictures:

And I live with the following pets:

Homes - all over the world:

  • It's been fun to try to find pictures of everywhere we have lived. So far, only a few are here. Click to go to the collection of pictures so far.

Cars This is one of my favorite pages, and was fun to assemble. There will be more!

Carolyn long ago: These are favorites of mine, and probably of my parents, too.


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