I purchased this car, which I've named "Irma Le Duce" from Richard Citron in March 2000. Below the pictures is the information that he provided to me from his the listing on eBay. And I've made another page with pictures of the car being loaded for transport to this coast. Additionally, in September, I took the car from my home in San Jose, CA to a gathering of Citroen enthusiasts in Solvang, CA.

These four pictures were taken of the car in differnt times, different cameras, different film, which is why they look so different. However, they show the car well, so I've chosen to put them up as representative of my experience with Irma Le Duce.

Citroèn 2CV, 1956. FIRST SERIES.

Many extremely rare accessories of the era:

  • rare 2CV roof rack
  • rare Robri
  • 6 aluminum stone guards
  • rare E.R. trunk lid ("Malle")
  • rare Citro‘n Belgian-produced bumpers and bumper guards
  • signalling lights required in the era of this car's production
  • Town and country horns
  • There is the original tow hitch & ball with electrical hook-up and even snow chains.

This is a genuine unrestored 1956 body installed on a 1971 chassis (thus allowing for the larger 602cc to replace the original 425cc version and the more modern transmission with inboard mounted disc brakes).

  • All external body parts like fenders, hood, trunk lid, etc. can be removed either with a single size wrench or with no tools at all
  • Front and rear seats are removable without tools and can be used as picnic furniture.
  • If necessary, the 2CV can be started with a hand crank (provided)
  • The top can be opened as a sun roof from inside or opened full length
  • Carrying capacity is dramatically increased with the rear seat removed.

This car was purchased in July, 1999 from its second owner, Mario Tartarini, President of the Club Amis des 2CV Italia, and imported by Richard Citron. The new (not rebuilt) engine was installed in June, 1999. Many other new parts were also installed at that time.

Here is an interior shot to show some details of the relatively spare dashboard.

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