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Ah Leon
"The Bridge"
and Teapots, Tables, and other miscellany.

The first time The Bridge was exhibited in the USA in its entirety is pictured above. This image was taken in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., in the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery of Art. Dimensions are 20 meters long, and 1 meter high and wide: in feet that is approximately 66 feet long, and a little over a yard high and wide. (If you wish to see a slightly larger image, click on the image above to go to a longer image; you will have to scroll in order to see all of it.)
(For those who do not know Ah Leon's work, this bridge is made entirely of clay!)

To see enlargements click on image below you wish to see.
Ah Leon carving a plank for the Bridge.
Table Installation - 2002
l98cm, W83cm, H58cm
Top view of Bridge in Phoenix Museum
Teapot in the Smithsonian Museum
Table Installation
Wood Block Teapot
Trompe l'oeil teapot
(coll. Paul Daur)
Two teapots
Wood cup
Ewer, Penland, 2003
Railroad tie teapot
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