On a day trip arranged by the hostel, we were driven around about half of the island. At the midway point, we stopped on a beach, and the family-owners of the fales (there's one in the background of the photos below) where we stopped prepared a meal for us. Most of the work appeared to be done by the men, although there were women hurrying around, also.

As nearly as I can tell from reading, most Samoan specialties have coconut cream in them, and the photos to the left are of one man grating the coconut, and another squeezing out the milk. On the right, above, the fire is being prepared (there didn't seem to be an abundance of firewood), and below a couple of our hosts are tending to something in the fire. I took the picture for the pareu (sarong) view! (These are great in the heat.)

Below, one of our hosts was very proudly showing off his NEW tatoo job. It had only been done a few days earlier. The photo on the right, when you click and get the enlarged view, gives some idea of the extense and detail of the decoration. It went clear down to his feet, and your guess is as good as mine as to where it went under the pareu! I have a friend who was in Samoa in the Peace Corps; I'll have to ask him about that detail....