Trinidad and Tobago

It'll be pretty hard to capture everything I feel about Trinidad on this page. In the early 1970s I lived there with my family for four years. I've been back for visits many times. I've also been visited in California by Trini friends, and I've visited friends from that period of time in my life in many other places in the world, as they moved around, too. My most recent visits have been since the acquisition of my digital camera, so I'm going to put a few of the images taken with that camera linked to this page. Some views haven't changed much; people have, of course. Friends are older, some have passed away, I meet new friends every time, and there is still a very real sense of "belonging" each time I return. So this will also be a page of nostalgia.
Starting with a few of the symbols of Trinidad and Tobago that are easily recognized!

Such as the flag...(for the meaning behind the design, click here.)

Unfortunately, this beer isn't available in California! (But at least I have a Carib bottle opener.)
Steel Drums, or PAN originated in Trinidad. The bands are usually sponsored by local companies; I found the images to the left on the Amoco Renegades Steel Band history page. Going to that page will give you lots of interesting history, and it's linked to other pages with more steelband information, as is the PAN page above.
And then there is CALYPSO! Certainly the most famous Calypsonian of them all is The Mighty Sparrow. For a rundown of his accomplishments, click on his name, above. And here's a page dedicated to him by Trinis in NY.

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