I was in Ghana twice; once in 1985, and again in 1988. The first time I arrived by bus from the Ivory Coast, and flew out from Accra; the second time I walked across the border from Togo and left by road from the north, going into Burkina Faso.
Well, there's hope! This photo was taken in Ghana in 1988. Ghana is full of fun signs - on the highway, on buildings, on vehicles, on labels, and even the names of hotels. Somewhere I have a photo of the "Hot Pants Hotel," and I hope I can find it to add to this page.
Since I know a lot on the sign above is hard to read in the photo, here are close-ups of the text. Scroll down to get it all!
I sent this sign, and the close-ups, to my favorite sign site, and the creator, Ken Dumas, put it up within ten minutes of my sending it, with good comments! "It was the best of signs, it was the worst of signs" is just a click away!